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2018 Animal Shelter Donation

Items that would be greatly appreciated this year are

Dog and puppy dry and wet food 

Cat and kitten dry and wet food 

Cat and kitten toys if used please make sure they’re clean 

Dog and puppy toys Kong’s, Nila bones if used  please make sure they’re clean 

 Litter boxes and puppy pads 

 Cat litter 

 Food and water bowls new or used 

 New or used towels and blankets if used please make sure they are clean 

 New and used cat and dog beds if used please make sure they’re clean 

 Bleach an antibacterial dish soap 

 Paper Towels 

 Medical supplies, flea and tick medication 

 Wishes, harnesses and collars if used please make sure they are clean. 


 This year all donations will be going to the animal protectors of Allegheny Valley and Jason Cravener an animal foster and rescuers, at this time he has over 40+ animals in his care. 

 Below is a list of drop off locations where they can be dropped off anytime at my home 629 Garfield St. in Springdale  6 PPG Pl., Pittsburgh

 Allegany six pack in dog house in




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